Welcome to Immanuel United Church of Christ, where we are Loving, Growing and Sharing in Community.

If you are looking for a church home, one that feels like a family, but puts its emphasis on using God’s gifts to transform lives in the community beyond our walls, then come be a part of things at IUCC. We don’t ask you to leave your questions, your doubts, or your intellect, outside. We engage our faith as a real, lived experience, a messy, chaotic, creative journey. We make mistakes, together, but we dust ourselves off, forgive each other, and deepen our connections to God and one another.

God’s Word is vital to our lives, but we don’t read scripture literally. We are interested in what the Bible said in the first century and what it means for the 21st century. We don’t choose our issues first and then find scriptures to fit our opinions, we strive to put Jesus first and shape our lives to fit his call to discipleship. That means more love, more care, more compassion. That means more inclusion, greater diversity of people and gifts, a wider welcome. Everyone is genuinely welcome here, without judgment or dogmatic requirements.

We want everyone to grow spiritually, to become the people God calls them to be, so wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we will be glad to see you and pleased to help you feel at home.

Check out our monthly newsletter, The Lantern to find out various activities going on this month!


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