Mission and Outreach
Through outreach and service, our mission is to assist people in developing a spiritual relationship with God, as well as nurture their social and psychological needs.

Worship and Spiritual Expression
The mission and vision of the Worship and Spiritual Expression Ministry is to strengthen each person’s worship experience in the church and the wider community.

Congregational Care
Congregational Care equips the congregation to care for each other as Christ cares for the Church.

Share our faith with others and lead by example. Our mission is to help others experience the joy of Christ in their lives. No matter who you are or where you are on your Spiritual Journey, we are here to support your quest.

Building & Grounds
Through a budgeted income, our mission is to keep the buildings and grounds well maintained so that we can provide a clean, safe and pleasant environment for all people who pass or enter the buildings or grounds.

Encourage and teach the Congregation to compassionately service God, the church and the larger community through the sharing of their time, talents, knowledge and treasure, as stewards of the financial gifts given to the church. We will responsibly record, account for and distribute those gifts as directed by the Congregation.