Women’s Guild

The Women’s Guild has been apart of our congregation since 1911.  According to the records, on May 29, 1911, thirty-eight women, led by Pastor Ellerbrake organized the Frauen Verein.  They chose the name, like our Women’s Guild, because it means ‘a gathering of women interested in the work of the church.’

They decided to meet every three months on a Sunday, as they had no cars and came to church by horse and buggy.  During the week, the horses had to be used for field work.  (Today, Women’s Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month, every other month.)

The Frauen Verein meetings were conducted in German, (which was the language used by the church) until January 9, 1941, when they voted to conduct their meetings in the English language.  They also changed their names to the Hanover Ladies Aid.  (Some members still refer to it as the Ladies Aid.)

The interest of the Charter members and those that have followed, was mission work.  The Bensenville Home was one of their early missions, and according to some of the history notes, “they made quarts and quarts of applesauce, cooked on those old-fashioned cook stoves in some member’s home, and was taken to Bensenville Home.”  They also supported the missionaries that were often sent to Honduras and Japan, gifts to the boys in the service from our church, and other local charitable organizations.

At the time of the 100th Anniversary of our church, in 1952, the Ladies Aid had 52 members who prepared and served dinner to over 100 people.  The money they raised from this dinner went towards the purchase of new carpeting for the church.  Over the years, the guild has been able to provide many things for the church.

In November 1962, the Ladies Aid became the Women’s Guild.  Today, our Women’s Guild is still going strong and is proud to have 40+ members.  Our longest-time member has been apart of the group since 1948 and continues to be an active and faithful member of both the guild and the church.

So much has happened in the world in the last 100+ years, so many changes…What has kept the Women’s Guild active and thriving to this day?

The women of the Guild have stayed strong and worked hard because they have always held their strong faith in God.  Their faith has helped them to work consistently for their families, their church, and their community.  Each member has shown, in their own way, how to live as Christian women, and has led by example, to bring us to where we are today.

What a blessing that the Women’s Guild continues to grow because of our rich heritage, dedicated service, and promise for the future.



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